Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic Anemia occurs when the bone marrow stops making enough blood-forming stem cells. The beneficiary for the Jackson County Brevet is the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (AA&MDS), the world's leading nonprofit health organization dedicated to supporting patients and families living with Aplastic Anemia.

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Jerseys, Shorts & Bibs are available in both Women and Men's cut. No elastic bands on sleeves or legs; experience the softband leg gripper difference.


Official Cycling Apparel of the Jackson County Brevet

Official JCB Cycling Apparel

It's been hard to keep this quiet but we are super excited to unveil our first ever JCB cycling kit. To make it easy, you can order your apparel and register at the same time by clicking HERE. If you cannot attend our ride, you can easily place your order by clicking HERE.

Want to wear your apparel on our June 16th ride? No problem; just make sure you place your order no later than April 16th. All other orders will be part of our final order that will be received a few weeks after the ride.

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